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Jeff K. (Saratoga, CA) – 2/28/2016

I went to Dr. Andy Lee in the 1st week of 2016, Within three days after a single acupuncture session, my more-than-2-week-long cold symptoms of sore throat, mucus, runny nose, cough, etc., were completely gone. The effectiveness speaks well for his capabilities.

Dr. Lee and his staff are all very knowledgeable, patient, friendly and responsive. Just make sure to call ahead for an appointment.


Kaitlyn B. (San Jose, CA) – 3/23/2016

I’ve seen Dr. Lee 3 years ago to treat my prolapse after delivery of baby, and he is so professional and patience to explain me everything and treatment plans. And today Dr. Lee will definitely be my first choice when I’m experiencing some discomforts.


JennyJian L. (Santa Clara, CA) – 7/14/2015

Spring 2015, I was suffering from seasonal allergies, because of the 4 years long draught in CA, my allergy is getting worse every year. I couldn’t sleep longer than 6 hours:( I went to see Dr. Andy Lee, for 5 times needle on my face, one day I woke up after 8 hours sleep, I just couldn’t believe it! Hope I can be allergy free next year !!!


Anne L. (Cupertino, CA) – 11/30/2014

I wasn’t a big fan of Chinese medicine since the western medicine always seemed so quick and easy until I started getting addicted to Nyquil and Nyquil stopped working for me anymore.  Even though I worked out twice a week, due to the nature of my job , I used to catch a cold/flu pretty much every month and would lose my voice every season and ended up having to take antibiotics for sinus infection or ear infection.  I wasn’t thinking too much about it until when my family doctor had to prescribe me Ambien to cure my insomnia probably caused by the stress at work and my weak immune system. I was warned not to take Ambien too frequently or I would be addicted to it, which was the time I thought I needed to look for an alternative way to get myself healthier.

Then I went to YoungQi, a Chinese clinic that is completely different from the others I’ve heard of.   The clinic is beautiful, bright, clean, and of high caliber.  The receptionist and the billing staff are super friendly, responsive, and helpful.  And most importantly, Dr. Lee is just incredibly caring, knowledgeable, intelligent, and professional.  Within a month of treatment, I started to feel much stronger. For the next couple months,  I caught a cold much less frequently.   Even when I did catch a cold, my body was able to fight it off without having it turn into sinus infection. In addition, I was finally able to sleep at night without sleeping aids.  I feel that my overall wellness is well improved after coming to YoungQi.

I’d like to add that I came to YoungQi due to a friend’s referral.  She used to have irregular menstrual cycle.  That’s why she came to YoungQi.  Not only was her cycle became regular,  but she got pregnant as a bonus gift after 10 years of marriage. I highly recommend YoungQi if you are looking for a clinic to help improve your health.

By the way, YoungQi has moved to a new location, but Yelp hasn’t updated it.  The new address is 2905 Stender Way #82  Santa Clara, CA 95054.


Kate C. (Fremont, CA) – 7/22/2014

I would highly recommend Dr.Lee to people who are trying out eastern medicine for the first time. Dr.Lee is very patient and answers all questions that you might be concerned about. He is very detailed and when getting acupuncture he makes sure you are relaxed and keeps you updated on what he will do next so you are always informed. The clinic is extremely clean and people at front desk are welcoming. The tea they offer is really soothing as well.


Sissi Y. (Campbell, CA) – 10/22/2013

I heard Youngqi Clinic from 92.3 radio station. Dr. Lee graduated with Ph.D degree in electrical engineer from Stanford Univ. It’s very impressive that Dr. Lee explains the chinese medicine theory in a very logical way, and not leaving it as fantasy and miracle, unlike a lot of other chinese medicine doctors who feel just like reciting what sympotom to what treatment. As an engineer, I enjoy listen to his program on how he analyzes and tackles those complicated cases. I learned a bit to observe and analyze myself’s body too.

Recently i am having dry eyes, joint pain, etc. So i natually thought of Youngqi clinic. Dr.lee exams me through eye-diaganose(眼诊), pulse diaganose,and asking question. He found the root cause, and treated me with chinese medicine and acupuncture. I already feel the effect after the first treatment. He is very nice , friendly and professional and explains things so logically and clearly.

Oh, did i mention that the environment of the clinic is super pleasant, clean and comfortable. The clerks are very friendly too. I would recommend youngqi clinic to everyone.


Stephanie C. (Mountain View, CA) – 6/24/2014

We took our 11 month old daughter in to see Dr. Lee for her eczema that has started since month 3 and had gradually crept all over her body and face. We tried various treatment and failed, including cortisone prescribed by her ped, which had worked wonders at first but was no longer effective on her.

I’d say it was the best money we ever spent for my daughter!  She made significant progress after only a day- I haven’t seen her skin so smooth and soft for so long!  It’s been almost 2 months and 3 visits after the initial visit.  While she’s not 100% eczema free, she most of the time only has dry patches on her ankles and wrists, and her flare ups were a lot more contained.

Dr. Lee took the time to interview us (about my daughter) during every office visit and answer questions. In accordance, he’d modify the prescription.  And he was always so friendly. I’d highly recommend him for any baby with serious eczema problems.


Bing S. (Sunnyvale, CA) – 5/6/2013

The clinic is set up in a very professional way. The staffs are friendly and Dr. Lee did a great job on explaining what he does in the first appointment. The environment makes me feel comfortable and I will see how well the chinese herbs is going to help me and keep you posted.
The medicines are prepared in a very professional way too, easy to cook and they gave very clear instruction.


The chinese herbs helps to reduce my acnes. Then Dr. Lee prescribed herb powder for me to use for 2 weeks. This power formula is easier to take and more convenient than traditional herb tee, but not as powerful (My sleep is not improvement as much). Anyway, it is good to have this choice (lower cost, more convenient).
Another thing to mention, I called the office to ask some question regarding my mom’s health condition, and Dr. Yeh suggested some food therapy which is natural and effective. Thanks very much.


I like their herbal tea, and have tried both Youngqi Yangsheng tea and Liqi Anshen tea. Each tea bag would last the whole day and drinking it does makes me feel better and sleep better. Shared with my colleague and he also likes it a lot. I heard they only use high quality herbs so the tea is not always available when they are short of good herbs.


(4 Stars) This time I saw doctor lee for similar reasons as last year,the office visit was fine, and acupuncture did help me relax. The two week herb prescription was not as effective as I expect based on last year’s experience, so will visit again to see what adjustment need to be made. Unfortunately, the appointment is hard to make due to popularity and confliction with mine,I finally got one after 1 month of stopping the medicine, not sure if have to start all over again and kind of wasted last time’s improvement if any.
Hope they could offer an online appointment making system.


Alice O. (Fremont, CA) – 2/19/2014

My sinus problem which was horrible got much better after 1 session of acupuncture and 1 week of medicine. The doctors were very nice and love the feel of the place.


Lucy G. (Palo Alto) – 4/14/2013

So professional. The whole clinic is set up in a very professional manner. I was greeted immediately after being able to make an appointment on the phone very easily. I was VERY nervous, but Dr. Lee explained everything completely and would not proceed until I was comfortable and prepared. He took his time and explained everything to me and during the procedure I was able to catch a snooze!! I would recommend to anyone!!


Chuan B. (San Jose, CA) – 1/4/2013

Dr. Li is very professional, used his herbal medicine for a week, result improved!! Highly recommend!!!


Alicia H. (Mountain View, CA) – 6/8/2012

I went to see Dr Lee after I was so disappointed in my primary physician, OB/GYN, Endocrinologist , ENT,  Allergy and Immunology specialist. All the western doctors told me I am fine, but I feel I am so sick and whole body is not right. After talking those western medical pills, all MDs still told me I was fine and asked me to live with it.  Dr Lee used the Chinese Medicine way to treat me with Chinese herbs and also encourage me to try Chi-Gong and Tai-Chi.  just having Chinese herbs for one month, everyone can see my change. my health is getting better. After I continued to use Chinese herbs for several months, I can manage my health better and better.  Dr Lee suggest me to continue follow the new life style and keep it up by myself.  Several months later, I went back to do a follow up with Dr Lee.  He told me my health come back to a better stage now.  I can either do another treatment for my other problem or I can do some exercise, Chi-Gong and Tai-Chi to see how my health changes.   I am so happy I try the Chinse herbs from Dr Lee.

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Jon M. (Sunnyvale, CA) – 3/9/2014

I was referred to Young Qi by a family friend after my doctors at Kaiser were unable to diagnose me despite doing almost every test possible on me. I had lost 20 lbs and felt ill and was dry heaving for over 2 months and was not improving. I had to go to part-time at work and the illness was greatly affecting my life. I saw Dr. Lee when out of desperation a family friend recommended him. Dr. Lee was able to immediately cure my dry heaving and has started me back on the road to recovery.

I was not a big believer in Chinese medicine, but it has definitely done more for me in a few weeks than Kaiser had done in over 2 months. It wasn’t a miracle cure as I’m still recovering, but I feel much better and can almost return to work full-time and I have begun enjoying some time with friends again. Only 4 stars since I’m not 100% cured, but I would 100% recommend Dr. Lee and Young Qi to anyone.


JB H. (Cupertino, CA) – 3/26/2014

I had been having some blood cell in urine for more than 10 years and family doctor said there might be some stone in kidney and checked with CT and ultrasound. But they seemed not visible under those equipment, and none further medicine or surgery was given.
At last two years, I  started feeling tired easily, more wakeup and peeing at night.  Family doctor still told me my indicator is still just at border line and no wary. Referred by some friend, went to see Dr Lee if he can help. Here is amazing thing happened, just after two times visit and following with two different Chinese medicines, my body felt much better. Asked family doctor for urine test again a few months ago and result showed Negative first time for 10 years. Would attach some data here if yelp is capable to attach image.
Really appreciate Dr Lee, not only treatment also for all the knowledge he interpreted from new modern science view for traditional chines medicine.
Strongly recommend if something bothers you and family doctor keeps saying just monitoring!


Claire C. (Fremont, CA) – 3/11/2014

Comfortable and stylish clinic. Dr.Lee is very caring and worked all his efforts to listen and provide advices for my issues/problems. As a Chinese, I believe that Chinese medicine treatment can really cure the root causes of many diseases but I am afraid of going to any chinese medicine doctors because none of them seem trustworthy to me. After I visited YoungQi clinic, it gave me an impression that they are trying to run the clinic in a professional way. And they use all the professional equipment/facility to treat their patients (instead a dirty backroom behind a Chinese herb retail store). The Chinese herb medicine is very effective and is organic made.  I will recommend Youngqi to all my friends!


Ivy C. (Castro Valley, CA) – 2/23/2014

I was referred to YoungQi by Dr. Leo Lok.  I was amazing the clinic is so clean and pleasant.    I was really in pain and hardly can walk when I  first came in the clinic But The front desk staff  Frank is very nice and  he serve me hot tea and make me feel comfortable.    Dr. Lee is very friendly, professional and  very knowledgeable.  He is  very patient to answer all my questions and concern.  He had giving me confidence in him.
I would highly recommend Dr. Lee to my family and friends.


L Y. (San Jose, CA) – 11/11/2013

I had chronic sinus allergy for a few years and it impacted my overall health especially sleep quality. Last year I started having mild depression and menopause related symptoms. After some research, I decided to try Chinese medicine and went to see Dr. Lee March this year. With one session of acupuncture and one week of herbal medicine treatment, my allergy symptom had an obvious improvement. I no longer sneeze like crazy with runny nose and watery eyes all day long. I continued with another 3 weeks’ treatment and began sleeping much much better. Most surprisingly my depression went away completely and I felt back to my normal self again.  Even though my allergy symptom came back a little bit after 3 months, I felt far better than before.

I have been back to Dr. Lee for other problems recently, and am seeing some positive results. I highly recommend YoungQi clinic as it is safe, clean and effective.


Xiaohong C. (Fremont, CA) – 10/25/2013

I heard YoungQi from FM 92.3 radio. Dr. Lee give many samples and explained the Chinese medicine theory and analyzed complicated cases. It’s very useful for understating our body.

Recently I have some health issues and go to see Dr. Lee. He is very nice and professional. I received treatment with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. I feel much better and I’ve seen some progress after two cycle treatments. I will be going to see him again for follow-ups. I am confident that Dr. Lee can help me and many others. Thanks a lot.

I would like to recommend Dr. Lee to my friends.


Z Z. (Fremont, CA) – 9/19/2013

I feel cold/weak and get youngqi score 55. So I want to find out the root cause and don’t believe the western medication will help me.
1. Dr. Lee explained me in detail about my body condition. It is systematic and makes sense.
2. I change habit and take herbs. I feel much better after 2 weeks treatment.


YF H. (Palo Alto, CA) – 7/3/2013

I had Chinese herbs before but never knew the herbs could be so effective until I received treatment for my vertigo, nausea, and tinnitus problems from Dr. Lee.  I felt the improvement within the first couple of days and within a week the symptoms were significantly reduced.  Dr. Lee explained my conditions clearly and I even learned a few concepts for self-educational purposes.  I definitely recommend anyone who has persistent, hard-to-cure problems give it a try at youngQi !


Cindy J. (San Jose, CA) – 6/27/2013

My son has allergy symptom for one and half year. He took western type medication, it only control for a day or two, then the rash came back again. Since my son has never allergic to anything in the past, I don’t believe it is allergy. So I decided to see Chinese herb type of doctors. I happened to hear the radio that interviewing Dr. Lee and he explained a case of his patient who has allergy emergency situation and how he helped. So I decided to visit him two weeks ago. He is a very nice person. He explained to me that my son wasn’t a allergy. He prescribed one week herbs, and we see significant improvement. His rash almost gone and didn’t come back since taking the herbs. we will see him again for the follow-ups.


Anna L. (Redwood City, CA) – 5/30/2013

I went there for my allergy treatment , first time visit, Dr. gave me herbs, so far it’s been a week, my allergy gets better. I will have follow-ups soon.
Clinic looks very professional, Very nice location.


David S. (Fremont, CA) – 5/16/2013

I went to youngQi after heard Dr. Lee radio last week. The clinic’s staff is friendly and Dr. Lee did the detail explanation in first appointment. Environment feels professional and comfortable like’s radio said. I did acupuncture and got 5 days herbs. The medicine is prepared in a big tea bag that is easy to cook. I definitely will make an appointment next time.


Jene-Howard C. (San Jose, CA) – 4/18/21013

Dr Lee is a very nice and knowledgeable doctor. He helps my son to improve his overall health condition and the result is obvious. My wife also goes there for her issues.  I highly recommend YounQi! It’s not ordinary acupuncture clinic you usually see.


Harry W. (Palo Alto, CA) – 1/6/2013               

My wife and I were treated by both Lee and Yeh. We turned to them for help after exhausting ideas from western medicine (a family member is a recognized MD in a top hospital so we are not blind or lack of clues) She was treated for her shoulder/neck pain from too much desk work. It quickly improves and no pain killer was needed. This is no surprise as acupuncture is known to work well. So was I treated for similar trouble; there was just no pain when the needles went in and I kind-of fell asleep on the comfortable treatment bed under the warm IR lamp! The relief of the pain was obvious and immediate. Most surprising is the treatment of the stress/anxiety for my wife. The herb medicine took immediate effect after only 2 days. I could tell clearly she was much more relaxed facing her work deadline. In the past the sleeping pill and other medication created a lot of negative side effect for her, and the herb soup just helped her and she likes it very much. I even chatted in detail with the physicians. They explained to me how they treated us and showed me the relevant writings in the classic books (like 2000 years ago). I was awe struck to learn the fundamental macroscopic view of the traditional Chinese Medicine. In short, they really know what they are doing and learned well from their teacher, the renowned Mr. Hai-Hsia Ni in Florida. I highly recommend this clinic. Several friends were also seen by both physicians and all got good result!


3 weeks ago I sprained my back.  It was painful on bed when I turned.  My wife urged me seek help.  Driving to work, the muscle hurt when I took normal breathing.  I asked Lee to help.  Carefully I lay on to the treatment bed face down to avoid pulling the back muscle.  To my surprise, Lee worked on the back of my lower legs with acupuncture, while he only put some oil on my back.  The needle on the lower leg caused some sensation, numb, pain, sore.  It gradually died down at the end of the 25 minutes treatment.  I carefully got out of the treatment bed.  then I very slowly twisted my waiste, bend down touching my toes, etc, to check how the pain was.

Surprise, surprise, I felt no pain at all.  No, I should say I felt like the back sprain never happened.  I was as good as nothing happened.  in the afternoon in the office I picked up a 10 pound dumb-bell while reading on the monitor. When I got home, I joined my wife with work out; after few minutes, she thought of my sprained back and asked me how much it hurt, urged me not to work out with her.  She was in disbelief too, about my quick recovery.

I still don’t know what and how the acupuncture did.  But this recovery is just so amazing compared with all the sprained back, arm, etc that I had before.


Daniel Y.(DePaul, Chicago, IL ) – 2/5/2013

I have been to numerous Western and Chinese doctors. None of my visits to any of these Western doctors have seemed to have a significant improvement on my overall health. I have suffered from severe acid reflux for many years now. Western doctors told me to avoid certain foods and prescribed me reactive medicines to treat acid reflux. However, Dr. Lee (here at YoungQi) gave me a herbs that he said were going to treat my acid reflux within two weeks. I have little faith and belief that the herbs would have any impact since I had suffered from acid reflux for years already. After taking the herbs for just one week, I felt no symptoms of heartburn/acid reflux. It was incredible.


Chris H. (Saratoga, CA) – 1/19/2012 

It’s the best acupuncture office I have been to. The environment is spacious and modern look..
The staff are very friendly and  answered all my questions. My shoulder pain was immediately relieved! I would recommend it to anyone.


H H. (Sunnyvale, CA ) – 1/10/2012 

They are great! They paid close attention to the details and took great care of me.